How to Get More Estate Planning Clients?

“How do I get more estate planning clients?” is the first question most people ask us.

We answer with another question,

What made you get into estate planning?”

Sadly, by the time they find us, some estate and elder law attorneys are so exhausted from the endless struggle to maintain a steady stream of business, it takes them a few minutes to remember the original inspiration that drove their entry into this career.

How to Get Estate Planning Clients

But when they remember their “why,” their energy shifts.

We’re willing to bet that YOU, like some of our most successful clients, got into estate planning because you wanted to help solve some of life’s biggest challenges.

You wanted to make things easier for people facing their greatest unknowns.

You felt you could be a source of wisdom, information and experience… even comfort.

And you knew your expertise had the power to relieve fearful people of the mental burdens keeping them awake at night.

You chose this path because you have a HUGE heart. And you knew you could help.

But you’re not doing the sacred work you set out to do.

Instead, you’re managing referral relationships…

You’re spending your weekends trying to drum up new business…

Or, pre-pandemic, you pursued a relentless schedule of live workshops that gave you, at best, a trickle of clients who turned out to be bargain hunters rather than people who are serious about getting your help.

Why You Havent Been as Successful as You Want To Be

Now here’s the good news: It’s Not Your Fault.

It’s your business training that got you into this mess.

If you’re like most estate and elder law attorneys, you’ve been conditioned to hustle and work impossible hours using methods that were already obsolete when you started.

Thankfully, there’s a way out of this madness. And it begins with the reason you started your business.

When you take the time to reconnect with your “why,” you have access to the fire that fueled this journey.

When you use that fire, you have the power to let go of what isn’t working and claim what will.

And that’s exactly what we offer.

Step by step, we’ll quickly unravel the outdated training you were given and give you the roadmap that your inner fire needs to keep burning.

Because we dont want you to burn out. That’s OUR “why.”

You see, we’ve been in your shoes, and we know EXACTLY what it takes to build a sustainable digital empire that keeps on giving. We went into business to help you do the same.

You didn’t go into estate law to jump through endless hoops while helping no one. You went into estate law to be of service when people need you the most.

With everything that’s going on in the world, there’s never been a better time to do just that.

So let’s take your candle that’s been burning at both ends and turn it into a bonfire SO big, it draws clients to you like lost pilgrims in the dark.

How do we do that?

How We Attract Your Ideal Clients

We partner with you to create an online beacon for your ideal clients. Because your ideal clients arent attending free workshops. They’re sitting at home desperately searching for information on Google.

They’re looking for YOU.

And they find you when you have a system in place that leverages modern technology.

But make no mistake, a winning system to get more estate planning clients is NOT paying an SEO company to help you “rank higher on Google.” That strategy is unwieldy at best and doesn’t filter out time wasters.

When done correctly, a digital marketing system will put you in control of the leads you get. Even more importantly, it will dictate the quality of the clients you get.

Perhaps most important of all, a winning system gives you your time back. Right now, we’re willing to bet you’re spending over 80% of your time on strategies that don’t work and only 10-20% of your time helping clients.

If you’re ready to stop doing what isn’t working, schedule your breakthrough session now.

Just know that our availability for these sessions is limited, and not everyone who wants to work with us can. But if you’re truly serious about your business, if you’re open-minded, coachable and passionate about your “why,” we’ll move you and your business to the top of the list.

After all, you deserve that. You deserve to come first for a change, instead of rote strategies and busy work that keep your quality of life on the back burner…

We can’t help you if you don’t put yourself first and reach out. Schedule your breakthrough session.

Want to learn more before you book? Watch my newest training, How to Get More Estate Planning Clients Without Ever Hosting Another Live Workshop.


How to Get More Estate Planning Clients and Get Off the Revenue Roller Coaster

How to get More Estate Planning ClientsMost of what you’ve learned about how to get new estate planning clients is wrong … so wrong that you may be riding the Revenue Roller Coaster … and thinking “this is just the way it is.”

Before our clients found us, many of them were white-knuckling it through that same ride. It was feast or famine, all the way.

The feast inevitably comes with genuine overwhelm if the business isn’t scaled to handle an influx of new clients, and the famine comes with panic and a driving need to “hustle.”

For estate planning firms, this unpredictability is a never-ending spiral that leads to burnout.

But most attorneys don’t realize that. They have a belief that a natural “ebb and flow” is part of owning an estate planning law firm, and they accept it as something that “comes with the territory.”


The revenue roller coaster law firms experience has only one cause: the lack of a reliable system for getting new clients.

Most lawyers are afraid to learn a new system. Their biggest fear is that they’re going to be even more overwhelmed with technology and a learning curve. They’re intimidated by all the things they think they’ll have to do just to stand out in a saturated online market.

But contrary to their beliefs, having a system that leverages technology does not create overwhelm. In fact, a reliable online digital marketing system creates control where there was none.

Control over both revenue and time…

Control that makes it possible to let go of tasks that consume days, nights and weekends.

The truth is, most estate lawyers are so busy trying to keep their heads above water — during both feast and famine periods — that they don’t have time to try anything different.

But the CEO of a company shouldn’t be bogged down trying to get new clients during slow periods — or getting overwhelmed when revenue is high.

Let’s face it: when you don’t have control over your revenue, you have no power. You lack the ability to scale your business and you can’t plan for the future. You’re forced to take a passive stance and rely on other people to refer clients that make or break your business.

In other words, you’re hoping to be saved…

…to meet that one person at a networking event who has all the right contacts… or find the right partnership with a loyal financial advisor who cares about your mission and purpose as much as you do.

Good luck.

The problem is, the strategies you know and understand are killing your business — and are actually the cause of unsteady revenue.

So what do you have to do to get off the revenue roller coaster? Well, we’ve found that the real power is in what you STOP doing.

Strategies that Hurt Your Business

To enjoy steady, reliable income, you MUST stop doing the following:

  • Hosting workshops
  • Calling financial advisors and begging for referrals
  • Wasting time at networking events
  • Paying an SEO company

The problem with these strategies is that they all rely on other people — and hope.

None of them put you in the driver’s seat of your business. You end up at the mercy of events beyond your control — such as the global pandemic we currently find ourselves in. Nobody’s hosting workshops right now, nor should they.

Hoping that someone else will deliver referrals to you is one the worst business strategies for growth. Word-of-mouth is always great, but relying on it destroys your ability to control your own income.

The above strategies are also very expensive. The longer it takes for any one of them to pay off, the more expensive it becomes as days and weeks pass with no revenue. The more you rely on any one of these strategies, the more unpredictable your cash flow will be.

So what works instead?

Revenue on Command

A reliable online marketing system that attracts ideal clients who are already actively searching for you is something you can count on. It’s also something you can control.

When created correctly, your digital marketing system will:

  • Attract premium, educated, wealthy and responsible clients
  • Allow you to spend less on client acquisition
  • Expand your profit margins due to lower acquisition and overhead expenses
  • Give you more time to live a full life

With that extra time will come opportunities to grow your firm, build profitable revenue, and expand your reputation and impact.

There are a lot of estate planning law firms out there. With an online system that uses your unique messaging to attract the right clients, time wasters and bargain hunters won’t find you. They’ll be busy knocking on the doors of lawyers that are scrambling to appeal to anyone during times of stalled revenue.

You’ll have the space, time, cash flow — and most importantly — the control to dream bigger.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend years learning exactly what to do to put an online marketing system in place. We’ve got that covered. You do have to be open-minded enough to let go of old paradigms and embrace expert guidance from those who walked this path before you.

So here’s what to do now: Schedule a free breakthrough session with us. Let’s brainstorm your way off the revenue roller coaster and help you claim your power.

Estate Planning Leads — Do You Have Enough?

Estate Planning Lead Flow

Estate planning leads are the lifeblood of an elder law or estate planning lawyer. If you’re not talking to a potential new estate planning client at least every week day, your firm is in trouble.

So, let me ask the single most important question about the health of your firm: How are you managing your lead flow?

Most elder law and estate planning attorneys take a haphazard approach to lead flow, with very little control, predictability or reliability in the number or quality of new estate planning leads coming into the firm at any time. When the lead flow dries up, they have no real way to turn the lead generation tap back on.

Most will just hope and wait … some will start calling their referral sources …  others gear up to host another live estate planning workshop (or they did, before the pandemic).

The typical estate planning or elder law firm has only three sources for new leads:

  1. Professional Referrals. Working with primarily financial advisors, many lawyers focus their marketing efforts on meeting advisors and developing referral relationships.This can and does work, but with inherent problems.
    1. Referral Sources don’t work for you … rather, you work for them. They do not have your financial interest at heart. They look out for themselves first, and their clients second … your interests fall WAY down the list. Accordingly, they can start wielding too much power over your financial well-being – demanding low fees and quick turnaround.
    2. Referral Sources can be fickle. They can (and do) change their minds overnight and send new business to their nephew or a younger, cheaper attorney. They can change their focus and stop talking to their clients about estate planning or elder law planning – as many have done during this pandemic when the stock market has been highly volatile.
    3. Referral Sources can send you bad-fit leads, and you have to take them. Even if the client is difficult or not a fit, you’re obligated to take them on, if you want the referrals to keep coming.
  2. Workshops and Seminars. Ah — remember when you could buy a mailing list, rent a venue, and invite lots of older people to join you for a live workshop? Those days are mostly over, friend … and that’s not a bad thing! Even before the pandemic, seminars demanded a grueling pace from the attorney and were the main reason for the Revenue Roller Coaster that throttles so many firms, stopping their ability to grow. Successful seminars dump a lot of leads on the firm all at once  …  the firm stops the seminars so they can catch up … then the work dries up and then the whole process has to be restarted to get revenue flowing again.
  3. Word of Mouth Referrals. These are great for a law firm, and most attorneys don’t do nearly enough to nurture word of mouth referrals … but word of mouth is inherently hit-or-miss and not a reliable, predictable source of steady flow of estate planning leads.

Why Relying on These Three Lead Sources Throttles Business Growth

Relying on these three primary lead generation sources results in a feast-or-famine revenue flow – also known as the Revenue Roller Coaster. Great revenue months are inevitably followed by long dry spells. Just when  you think you’re “over the hump” in growing your practice, revenue hits a wall and the white-knuckle months return.

These highs and lows in lead flow make it very difficult to grow. When good months are followed by awful ones, it’s impossible to staff properly. You end up either over-staffed and supporting inflated overhead … or chronically under-staffed – unable to keep up with new business when it does flow in, effectively throttling growth.

In this environment of unpredictable lead generation, the solo practitioner almost never successfully hires another estate planning attorney to expand the practice. Instead, if they bring on another attorney at all, they look for someone to bring in their own book of business … expectations are seldom met … conflicts arise and partnerships fall apart quickly.

How To Build An Estate Planning Law Firm That Is Profitable & Sustainable

Sustainable, Profitable Law Firm Growth Requires Another Source of Leads

These three lead generation sources are simply not enough to grow a healthy, profitable law firm. There are too many holes in the plan, too many bad months, too much volatility and zero control.

What’s needed is an independent source of new estate planning leads that is sustainable, reliable and profitable.

What’s needed is modern marketing for estate planning and elder law firms.

It’s a Good Thing that Estate Planning Attorneys Have to Pivot Now!

Many lawyers who use this model are all-too-familiar with how expensive, grueling and difficult it is to get estate planning leads. But they haven’t made the shift yet because they were afraid … now they HAVE to pivot to stay alive.

Here’s why that’s the best thing that could have happened to them –

Once they do pivot, they will

  • Attract more premium, educated, wealthy potential clients
  • Spend WAY less on client acquisition
  • See their profit margins massively expand due to their lower acquisition and overhead expenses
  • Get time back for themselves and their actual LIVES – without having to run off to give another workshop, or work all weekend to catch up on work so they will have time to do their workshops next week
  • Find other ways to invest their time for bigger pay-offs in their practice. The CEO of the business should not be wasting their time speaking at workshop after workshop just to drum up a few clients. There is so much MORE they could be doing to grow the firm, build profitable revenue, expand their reputation and impact. They need to dream much BIGGER, and will have the time to make BIG happen!
  • Have a system in place that leverages modern technology and puts them in the driver’s seat of their own financial future.

My clients have already made this pivot … find out how they’re consistently generating estate planning leads in my newest free training.

Register here.

Law Firm Marketing: What Estate and Elder Law Attorneys Must Do Now

It’s a relatively safe bet that when you were planning for 2020, you didn’t have a contingency option for “Global Pandemic.”

And yet … here we are.

While the initial panic may have subsided, it does look like we will be living with COVID-19 … and it’s emotional and economic fall-out … for quite some time.

So, what does that mean for you as an estate planning or elder law attorney and business owner?

Who’s Winning Now … and Why

Here’s what I have seen in law firm marketing over the past six months, working with hundreds of attorneys across the country:

Those who had their digital marketing game dialed-in and working have not missed a beat.
In fact, they are busier than ever, with some of the best revenue months of their careers.

Those who relied on workshops and referrals? Not so much. They are struggling, laying off staff and anxiously awaiting “re-opening” of their communities so they can get back to “normal.”

Take Control to Grow Your Estate Planning Practice

Those Who Do Not Learn from History are Destined to Repeat It

Even as communities are “re-opening” and easing restrictions on large gatherings, there is no “normal” to go back to. If you were thinking that you would just call the caterer and start mailing out workshop invitations to market your law firm again, I urge you to think again.

Nothing has really changed about COVID-19. “Re-opening” is happening only because economic lock-down is not sustainable and we believe (rightly or wrongly) that easing restrictions will not overwhelm our health care system now that we are better prepared. It does not mean that our elderly population is no longer at high-risk – those over age 60 (aka, your “target market”) are still the ones most likely to die from infection.

We are still far from winning against this beast.

The Truth About the Buffalo

So, what does that mean for ramping up workshops again?

First, good luck with that. Most people over age 60 are not going anywhere … and they certainly are not taking needless risks to attend what amounts to a live, in-person infomercial for legal services. And younger people, who have less risk? Well, just in case you haven’t noticed, younger people stopped attending these types of workshops a few decades ago – they are not tempted by free consultations or steak dinners because they are vegans who use the internet.

Second, even if you can assemble a group for your live workshop … should you? Law firm marketing that encourages at-risk individuals to take needless risks for your own pecuniary gain is fool-hardy at best and both unethical and immoral at worst.

So, we can take live workshops off the legal marketing table for the foreseeable future.

How can you ethically market your law firm, help people understand their options and solve some of life’s biggest problems … now?

It’s time to pivot.

The buffalo are not coming back and … what if they did? Is it still a viable plan to hunt buffalo on the plains to feed, clothe and shelter today’s population?

Of course not. Live workshops are suffering the same fate as the buffalo … they’re just no longer a viable plan for today’s population.

It’s time … right now … to get your digital marketing house in order. No more excuses. No more tepid efforts to “dip your toe in the water.”

You either figure this out now, or you go the way of the buffalo.

It’s that simple.

Here’s what you need to do to get digital marketing working and build a bullet-proof law firm that is ready for whatever comes next:  Arm yourself with the agility, technology and strategies to win, even in a global pandemic.

The Five Law Firm Marketing Essentials

We call this The Essential Solution®, and it’s about getting a solid online foundation of visibility, authority, trust and conversions. In other words, get found online, be heard and trusted, and convert visitors into clients.

  1. A great website. Not just a beautiful website, but a great website that’s built on a modern platform, with modern code, professionally designed and maintained. A website that doesn’t look like an online brochure, or a kindergartner’s first attempt. A website that’s built around a strategy of attraction, pre-selling, and conversion.
  2. Local SEO (search engine optimization)/Estate Planning & Elder Law SEO. Implement and manage the fundamentals of local SEO so you show up when people in your market are searching for your service. That’s the slam-dunk of digital marketing … the one-yard-line, if you will. It’s not the end-all and be-all, but you must get this right! PS – this includes a system for getting lots of great online reviews!
  3. A consistent, relevant, and optimized blog. Content is still King with Google and fresh, relevant content, optimized for the search engine is a linchpin of digital marketing success.
  4. Email marketing. Email marketing to your warm market delivers the un-contested best return on your marketing investment. If you’re serious about driving revenue with digital marketing, get your email marketing game dialed-in now.
  5. Marketing automation and lead flow management. Everyone focuses on estate planning & elder law lead generation, and while that’s a must-have for digital marketing success, it’s not enough. You need a strong marketing automation and lead-flow management system to turn leads into new clients.

The Secret Sauce

You may have already tried your hand at some or all five of these legal marketing essentials … with varying degrees of frustration and results.

The missing ingredient?

If you’ve been frustrated or under-whelmed with your digital law firm marketing solution, odds are you’ve had a vendor relationship with your law firm marketing provider. They probably did exactly what you asked them to (since you are clearly the expert in digital marketing?), gave you some tools and a couple of tutorials and walked away.

What if you had expert help?

What if instead of hiring someone to take orders, you chose to work with a coach … a mentor and guide? The secret sauce in making all of this work is a partnership, where you take full responsibility for yourself and your law firm’s success … but you work with someone who can guide, coach and train you and your staff to accelerate your outcome and make it all work!

No judgment. It’s not a weakness to seek expert help and guidance, it’s just plain smart. This is why people should stay away from Legal Zoom and work with you – how many snarls have you had to fix that were created by inexperienced people wielding powerful legal instruments they simply did not understand?

When you work with an expert, you get insider-advice and the benefit of someone else’s experience. In other words, you’re no longer on your own to figure things out through the school of hard knocks with trial-and-error. Experience is a great teacher, but she’s really slow and ridiculously expensive!

Here’s What I Have for You

My team and I set aside time to speak with attorneys and map out a revenue strategy to achieve their goals. We call this a break-through strategy session, and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour. During these sessions we learn more about you, your law firm, your goals and what you see as your biggest challenges right now. Then we help map out a step-by-step strategy to overcome your challenges and exceed your goals. You’ll walk away from this session with massive value, knowing exactly what you need to do next … even during a global pandemic!

The cost for these sessions?

We don’t charge for these strategy sessions, but we do ask that you agree to a few pre-requisites. First, come with a coach-able mindset. Be honest with us, just as you would be in a doctor’s office. We can’t help if you hold back the truth. Second, this session is for estate planning and elder law attorneys who are committed to serving more clients, growing revenue, and becoming self-reliant and bullet-proof. No buffalo-hunters!

If that’s you, then book your break-through call now:

Just want to learn more? That’s fine, too. Register for our newest training, “How to Keep Getting New Clients and Grow Your Law Firm Now.”



Facebook Advertising: Test or Die

We’re seeing an explosion of Facebook advertising popping up from lawyers, new to the platform and anxious to drive revenue during these difficult times. The biggest question I have when I see boosted posts and hasty invitations to live events is — I wonder what their testing budget was for this campaign?
Facebook Ads: Throwing Money AwayBefore you start throwing money at a new platform, you’ll need a plan to test the market. Otherwise, you’re wasting precious time, squandering money, and weakening your market response … yes a market can be fatigued to your messages and response rates disappear with haphazard messaging!
What aspects of your advertising will you want to test?
  • Targeting — getting the right message to the right audience is the first step to get results. Targeting impacts click-through and conversion rates.
  • Messaging — even if you have the right target audience, you’ll want to test your ad images, headlines, copy, calls to action and placement. Your ads need to attract attention, get the user to stop scrolling, hold their interest and get the click. If your ads don’t do that, or don’t do it well, your campaigns will never perform.
  • Conversions — One of the biggest mistakes I see with DIY Facebook advertising is dropping the ball on conversion tracking. Whether it’s in setting up the campaign goals, properly placing the pixels, or just not having a clear conversion track … the fastest way to throw away money on Facebook is to advertise without optimizing for conversions. Did you know that Facebook’s algorithm is actually there to HELP you get more conversions? If conversion tracking is set up properly, Facebook will optimize your ad delivery to get the most conversions. But if the conversion tracking is not set up properly, or not set up at all, your ads will perform worse and worse over time — your ad delivery will sink, cost per click will go up, and Facebook may eventually stop showing your ads entirely.
The best way to get Facebook ads working for you?
Make a plan for targeting, messaging and conversion tracking, then set aside time and budget for testing. Once you get things dialed-in, Facebook can deliver consistent, quality results. But skip this part and it becomes a money pit of wasted opportunities and resources!
Investing in expert help can accelerate your results and get revenue flowing faster, while actually saving money!

Law Firm Branding: How to Get Unstuck

Law firm branding can seem mysterious and challenging … which may be why attorneys tend to ignore their brand messaging. Like most challenges, ignoring your branding will come back to haunt you later, especially when you’re trying to scale your revenue, boost profits and leverage your time!
Law Firm BrandingTo help you get back on track, WealthCounsel has asked me to teach a special session on law firm branding for their practice development program members … and even if you’re not a WC member yet, you can still get in on this training for a small fee!
How Defining Your Brand Can Help You Get Unstuck
Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, ET
Presenter: Jennifer Goddard, IMS
As your practice grows, are you finding that things are getting harder instead of easier?
Does it sometimes feel like there’s a glass ceiling on your income and you just can’t seem to break through?
Almost everyone who tries to scale their business runs into this at some point. These are common symptoms of Brand Chaos.” As your practice grows and expands, so does your network of stake holders — staff, clients, referral sources, and more. Your message gets watered down, edited, and changed along the way — just like in the children’s game of Gossip. Over time, the brand message is so convoluted, it’s unrecognizable.
That’s when you run into revenue roadblocks.
During this session, you will discover the 12 classic brand archetypes, which one best fits your firm, and how brand alignment crashes through that glass ceiling and gets you back on track to scale your revenue and profits.

From Struggling to $40k in One Week … In Less Than Six Months?

This is a true story about our client “Susan.” She is a solo practitioner in estate planning and elder law. She loves helping her clients solve some of life’s biggest challenges.

But here’s the thing …

Estate planning attorney grows her practice with digital marketing
Transforming her online marketing helped “Susan” grow her estate planning and elder law practice from struggling … to more than $40,000 revenue in ONE WEEK … in less than six months!

After nearly ten years on her own she was still struggling to show a profit from her law firm.

I really had to face the fact that I could make more money as an associate in someone else’s firm,” she told me.

Like you, Susan had done some online marketing. But she never fully committed to using the power of the internet to grow her practice. She listened to all of the so-called marketing gurus who told her she needed to do more “networking,” or host more seminars.

But Susan is 50 years old and never was much of a schmoozer. She couldn’t see herself calling up financial advisors and inviting them to lunch.

And seminars? She and her husband were just starting to enjoy their empty nest … which meant she wanted to spend more time on date nights than work nights.

If those were her only choices … she would rather close down her practice and work for someone else.

But she just wasn’t ready to give up … yet.

Instead, Susan made a single, life-changing phone call.

She called me to find out if there were other options. What are others doing to drive new business … even if they have been at it for ten years?

Susan didn’t close her practice. She went all-in and upgraded to the New Essential Solution, at the Premium level.

So we had a simple challenge ahead of us – grow her revenue and profitability quickly and without sending her out to build more referral relationships or host seminars.

Okay – no pressure. We got this.

We completely transformed her marketing strategy and made major changes to the way she positioned herself, and within 4 months, she had her first $40,000 week.

So here’s the bottom line: it doesn’t matter if you’ve been struggling for a week, a year or ten years.

It also doesn’t matter if you think you’re “too old” … or if you would rather go out with your husband (or wife) than yet another financial advisor!

The TRUTH is that if you have a burning desire to scale your law firm to profitability…and if you’re willing to invest in yourself and do the work…

…then we can give you the step-by-step game plan to make it happen.

Book a call and let’s talk. We’ll get on the phone for about 45 minutes and we can do a deep dive into your practice. We’ll get you clear on:

  • The exact client you want to be working with…
  • What’s working (and not working) about your marketing and positioning…
  • And the EXACT next steps you should be taking to scale your practice to $1 million a year … or more … by finally harnessing the power of the internet.

It’s all here for you. You just need the strategy and the support to make it happen.

Let us help. Book a call. Let’s see how far we can take YOUR practice.

If a 50-year old woman with 10 years of struggling can make over $40,000 revenue in one week, why can’t you? The only difference between you and her is that she reached out, booked a call, and got the help she needed. Do the same by clicking here.

If you would rather take an educational step first I would encourage you to watch our NEW training. You can register online here.

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