Beware of Backlink Schemes for Your Estate Planning Website

Let’s talk SEO — search engine optimization for your estate planning website.

More specifically, let’s talk about backlink strategies and LOCAL SEO.

What is LOCAL SEO and why is it so important for estate planning and elder law websites?

Here’s the deal: SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website for indexing by the search engines. There are lots of things that go into optimization – from how long it takes your website to load to how many people visit your site, and especially the actual content on your website.

In a nutshell, SEO is how we get your website found when people are searching online for an estate planning or elder law attorney.

However, it doesn’t do you much good to have nationwide or global SEO … because you don’t really care if people visit your site from a state where you’re not licensed to practice. In fact, it can be a little annoying to get inquiries from people you can’t serve.

What you do want is to rank very well in your local market. You want your website to show up for people who would actually become new clients. That usually means they are within driving range of your office – maybe within a 15- or up to a 50-mile radius around your office, depending on your market.  It’s really important that these people can find you when they are searching for an estate planning attorney or an elder law attorney.


Now there’s not a high volume of search on these terms, but when someone in your local market is actively searching, it doesn’t take a high volume, because research shows they are ready to hire an attorney. They’re at that point where they’re deciding, so it’s very important for you to have great LOCAL SEO.

When we look at LOCAL SEO, one of the strategies that can be very confusing is what’s called a BACKLINKING STRATEGY.

Now many years ago, in the olden days of the internet (five years ago) backlinks were super important and it didn’t seem to matter where they came from. The more websites that linked to yours (and that’s what a backlink is — a link from another website to your website) the better you would rank.

That gave rise to a lot of these SEO companies that would specialize in buying backlinks, or setting up backlink farms that exist solely for the purpose of artificially backlinking to their clients’ websites.

Well, you can guess what happened next.

Google got onto this and now they will penalize your site if they detect these unnatural backlinks.

So, yes, backlinks can tank your estate planning website.

In fact, Google now advises against even implementing a backlinking strategy.

Instead of chasing a bunch of backlinks … to the degree they are still important to your LOCAL SEO, Google wants you to EARN BACKLINKS from local, authoritative sites.

A Sad Story

Let me just share a story with you about a client who got taken in by one of these SEO companies that promised to boost her website fast with a big backlinking scheme.

Her website was new and Google wasn’t sending her a lot of traffic yet.

If you’re in this position, remember that the best cure is just a little time. There are no shortcuts on SEO.

SEO is like a game of King of the Hill. There are only so many listings on page one, and they don’t expand the page for you. You have to knock somebody off … and it’s going to take some time for you to establish the credibility to convince Google your site is more valuable to their users than any of those sites that are already on page one.

So, if you’re in a competitive market, which this lady was, it’s going to take a little more time to overtake the competition.  You’re just not going to do that overnight.

But she was impatient.

So she hired one of these companies (against our advice, but hey, those guys are convincing!) and they started this big backlinking scheme.

What happened next is really sad.

Her site went from having a handful of visitors to almost 20,000 visitors in one month.

Sounds great, right? Looks like it worked!

But, remember I mentioned that pesky penalty Google imposes when they detect these artificial backlinking schemes.

As you can see from the chart – yes, she had a huge spike in traffic. Chart shows backlink disaster

But Google detected it and penalized her site.

Her traffic dropped off just as quickly as it had picked up.

This lady not only wasted her money on that SEO company, she did some serious damage that’s going to be hard to repair. Now she has to climb out of Google’s penalty box, and that can be very difficult.

I don’t want you to get hooked into something like that.

Don’t employ an SEO company to implement a backlinking scheme for you.

Here’s what you want to do about backlinks.

Earn your backlinks!


  • Get involved in your local community.  Speak at local events. Join the Chamber of Commerce. Sponsor a local event or join a civic organization. Then, be a little bit savvy and ask for your new local “partners” to add a link to your website from theirs. Now you have an authoritative earned backlink. You can do this through sponsoring local events, through sponsoring local organizations.
  • Join business directories that are local for you.
  • Become a source for local media on financial, legal or even health care issues. When they quote you, ask them for a link to your website from their digital version of the story.
  • Consider publishing local press releases. They may not get picked up by your local media, but they will show up online and Google will recognize them (they have a short shelf-life, but every little advantage matters in the SEO game).

I know a lot of you already are active in your local communities: you’re sponsoring walks for Alzheimer’s, you’re sponsoring walks for breast cancer, you sponsor a Little League team or a hole in a local charity golf tournament. That’s all good stuff, but just start being a little bit savvy about it and ask for the backlinks.

Now in your local community, depending on the size of your market, there may not be a lot of backlinking opportunities. That’s okay.

Just remember that when it comes to backlinks, it’s not about the quantity.

It’s the quality of the linking organization that will help boost your LOCAL SEO.


ONE-DAY VIRTUAL EVENT: How to Succeed at Webinar Marketing … Even on a Tight Budget

Webinar Marketing SummitSavvy estate planning and elder lawyers are crushing it with webinar marketing!
Everybody had to pivot in 2020 … but lawyers who succeed with webinar marketing say they will NEVER go back to hosting live workshops.
This strategy is just too good.
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On Wednesday, March 16, we’re going to pull back the curtain and teach you how to build, optimize, and leverage a webinar marketing campaign — soup-to-nuts.
Whether you’re already crushing it with webinar marketing or haven’t taken the plunge yet … if you wish you could but are worried because you’re on a tight budget … this training will transform your revenue picture for 2022!
We’re going to show you how to put this together, even on a shoestring budget.
  • Learn how to create a powerful webinar
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I’m also going to show you how to avoid some of the biggest self-sabotage mistakes that I’ve personally committed, and that I’ve (sadly) watched others commit.
In the five years that we’ve been running webinars for ourselves and our clients, we have seen just about every challenge that could come along with this type of marketing effort.
AND, we know how to beat them!
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This is an all-day event, 100 percent virtual. Attend from anywhere you have a strong internet connection.

Dropping the Professor Role in Estate Planning and Elder Law

Sales Training for Lawyers Pays Off … For Clients AND For You

Client Drops the Professor RoleWe got this message today from a grateful client who saw the power of the “doctor frame” when meeting with prospective clients.

“James Campbell, thank you for your support around sales and the coaching you gave me last week. I took it to heart, I reviewed all of your modules and tried very hard this week to make the mental shifts I needed to truly serve. Today I held the Doctor frame and implemented everything the best I could. I engaged my clients for a fee of (redacted fee) and I feel so energized — not the depleted professor feeling I told you about. Thank you again!”

One of the biggest mistakes that estate planning and elder lawyers make in growing their practice is slipping into what we call the “professor mode,” during the sales process. It usually comes from the best of intentions — wanting to be sure the prospective client fully understands every legal aspect of their planning options before making an “informed decision.”

The problem is that professors are lousy influencers.

When meeting with a prospective client, it’s important to remember that education is not your job.

You are talking to someone who has a problem. Sometimes, it’s a very serious, perhaps even urgent problem.

Their biggest risk right now is indecision.

You know, people don’t just window-shop for a death attorney. Typically, something is going on in your prospect’s life that feels very threatening to them. A spouse or parent needs nursing care before something (even more) dire happens. A loved one has just gotten a bad medical diagnosis. Or worse.

Education is not what this person needs.

They need to be coached into making a good decision. 

And, in the vast majority of cases, that will include hiring you and moving forward quickly to solve the problem.

We like to think that we can educate to motivate prospects.

But that’s not what happens.

Instead, we over-educate, we over-inflate the importance of their ability to understand every possible legal ramification and option … and the prospect is not better-informed.

He or she is confused.

And a confused mind will always say some version of “no.”

“I need to think about this.”

“I need to talk this over with my financial advisor.”

Or … a buyer’s defense mechanism would be to feign understanding and offer up a price objection. This actually makes perfect sense because literally any amount of money sounds like too much if I am confused and not sure you’re going to actually solve my problem.

And it’s easier to say “That’s a lot of money,” than, “I don’t understand.”

We coach our clients every day on how to meet people where they are and lead them to making good decisions.

The first step is to drop the “professor role” and adopt the “doctor frame” instead.

Great things happen when you do.

Clients see the value of your solution and price objections disappear.

You get paid for the value you bring … AND

The client gets their problem solved!

Book a Call now to learn more about our sales training for lawyers.

How to Generate $300k in the Next 90 Days

You know that you don’t have to be miserable to succeed as a lawyer, right?
Just checking in on that one because I see a lot of resignation among lawyers. Resignation that lawyers have to choose between quality of life and financial success.
But … that’s a false dilemma!
My clients choose BOTH and succeed at both … every day.
Earlier this week, I was chatting with several of my clients during a coaching call. We were sharing 2022 goals, and what I heard from them was so very different from what I hear from almost every other lawyer.
Their goals include personal fitness and wellness, deeper relationships with their spouses and children, while growing revenue by 50 percent or more!
“I’m committed to flow, fun, and freedom WHILE serving enough families to generate $300k in the next 90 days.”
The order in that sentence is critical.
You see, most lawyers have one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. During moments of self-sabotage they give in to the story that leveling up in business is a sacrifice. That getting to $500k or $1M or more requires giving up FREEDOM and FUN.
That’s because the old, traditional law business model keeps lawyers trapped in a cage of financial scarcity.
You can have purpose, freedom and fun … AND financial freedom.
It’s just not true that financial freedom comes at the price of time freedom.
That’s just a myth perpetuated by a profession that hasn’t yet figured out that lawyers are only at their best when they are healthy and happy. A burned out, frustrated, exhausted lawyer is not a lawyer performing at his or her best.
The truth is you DECIDE your calendar.
You DECIDE when and how much to work.
You DECIDE to make time for my family and the activities that rejuvenate you.
Most of all, you can decide, right here right now, to no longer drag your foot on the brake of your own life and your business.
You can decide to LOVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW.
Book a call with my team today and let’s do this!
You’ve got lives to save … starting with your own!

During this free call, we will get on Zoom together for about 45 minutes. We’ll find out where you are now, your biggest challenges, and your greatest goals for your law firm. Then we will show you the exact shifts that you need to make to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The call is free, but it’s not for everyone. Book a call only if you’re committed to growing your law firm  … without working harder or watching your profits disappear to exploding overhead.


Busy Dad Builds Seven-Figure Estate Planning Practice

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Busy Dad Builds Estate Planning Law Firm

Nick Lambros knew what he wanted … and what he didn’t want.

An estate planning attorney in Rhode Island, Nick came to us with a challenge. He wanted to build a profitable, wealth-generating law firm. He wanted to provide for his family … make sure his kids could get great educations and graduate with zero student loan debt.

But … he said … there’s a catch. And it’s a big one.

“I don’t want to sacrifice time with my family to do it. I want to be present with my kids. I don’t want to miss any ball games.”

Standard Advice Wasn’t Going to Work for Nick

Nick spoke to several other law firm coaches and marketing firms before bringing his challenge to us.

They all told him the same things …

You can reach seven figures in estate planning, but you’ll have to work your butt off!

The best way to get to seven figures is to ramp up a seminar marketing machine — establish a call center, run $10k of newspaper ads a month, and show up to present workshops at least twice a week … and, by the way, you’ll have to travel out of town to reach a big enough market!

Network. Network. Network. Take a financial advisor out to lunch at least once every day … twice if you have to.

Join the country club. Spend every weekend on the golf course.

Nick knew that NONE of that was for him …

First, he didn’t want to earn $1M just to spend $900k in overhead!

Second … all of that defeated his purpose. He was doing this for his family … he wasn’t about to throw them under the bus just to make money. He knew whatever he earned wouldn’t do his kids any good if they had to grow up without their dad fully-present.

Finding A Team To Support His Values Took Him To His Goals … And Beyond

What Nick found with IMS was a team that fully supported his family values … and the tools and strategies to make his dream a reality.

Nick was easy to coach. He soaked everything up like a sponge and implemented … even when some things, like social media, were outside his comfort zone.

Today, his practice is thriving … he’s grown the exact firm he wanted … and he did it without missing a single ball game!

“IMS has completely transformed my lifestyle, not just my business, my lifestyle. Clients just keep coming in, great clients, eager to hire us. I’ve surpassed my revenue goals. Also, and this is big. My son sees the practice and how well it does. And he is actually thinking it might not be a bad idea to join dad’s firm after all.”

Are you an estate planning or elder lawyer who wants to build a wealth-generating practice, attract great clients … while still enjoying life outside of the office?

We work exclusively with estate planning and elder lawyers … and have since 1995 … if you have a challenge in your practice, we have seen it and we know how to solve it!

Book a free 45-minute call with my team. We’ll put our heads together to map out the exact strategy to reach your goals.

You only get one life … why not live it great!


Is Money the Pain Point in Your Estate Planning Practice?

I was visiting with an estate planning attorney from Texas today.

She said she called because she wanted to “find out more about digital marketing…”

But I know no one ever really schedules a call just to learn more about marketing … somewhere, there is always a pain point behind the call.

In her case, the pain point was money.

She’s not making enough of it.

But she spent an awful lot of time justifying that away … telling me things like …

“I don’t really need THAT much money.”

“I don’t want to over-charge people.”

“My market just won’t pay more.”

“I would really be okay if I could just make a little more.”

“I don’t want to sacrifice my family just to make a little more money.”

In the old-school legal world, she might be called a “whiner.”

I mean, in lots of legal circles, no one ever heard of a lawyer who doesn’t work 60 hours a week … or has compassion for their clients  … or wants to spend time with their family!

Thank goodness the old-school legal world is dying!

We work every day with happy clients who love their clients, love going to work, and love their lives. Their families are happy and thriving … AND financially secure! Our clients are growing their firms at-scale, leveraging technology, and happily investing their profits to grow personal and generational wealth.

The woman I spoke with today is making a huge shift in her mindset right now …

Because the truth is she does want to make THAT much money. She wants to take great care of her family … send her kids to great schools … watch them graduate debt-free with a leg-up in life. And she wants to have tremendous impact in her community … serving families to safety from some of life’s biggest threats and challenges.

I love re-kindling dreams! Can’t wait to serve this incredible lady to her dream and watch her SOAR!

If your dream needs some kindling, book a call with my team. Let’s get to work for you, too!


You Don’t Have to Get Back on the Seminar Marketing Treadmill

Jennifer Goddard, CEO
Jennifer Goddard, CEO

I just got off the phone with someone who is anxious about ramping up his seminar marketing again …

I mean he has anxiety about it.

He’s starting to see the ads in his market again … free lunch, free dinner, even free bottles of wine …

Come learn about wills and trusts … 
The carnival call resumes as pandemic restrictions subside.

He’s worried that if he doesn’t jump back into the fray, he will lose out. But at the same time, he is not excited about buying a new list, a new advertising campaign, packing up a mini-van full of presentation materials and hauling assets from restaurant to country club to public library again … night after night … day after day … just to give the same spiel over and over to a handful of people with tight wallets.

I feel his pain.

I know, all too well, what it’s like to be on the seminar marketing circuit. After all, every marketing guru on the planet says seminars are the e-ticket to a seven-figure law firm … right?

I bought that line, too.

Traveling from dinner to luncheon to nursing home lobby, the local senior center … and beyond.

It was exhausting. …

And … it was boring beyond belief to give the exact same spiel twice a day, twice a week, week after week … answering the same questions over and over … making the same small talk … eating the same rubber chicken and chugging the same too-sweet punch.

It also ate way too much of my time …

I missed my kids’ football games in the winter, their baseball games in the summer, and far too many family times year-round.

And … since we spent all our time planning, promoting and presenting seminars … most weekends were spent playing catch-up on the real work of running a law firm … appointments stacked up, drafting got behind, asset transfers seemed like a never-ending annoyance to wrap up …

And we did it all for pennies-on-the-dollar of what we should have been charging!

Meanwhile … the costs just kept going up … and up … and up … Printing costs. Postage costs. Expensive dinners. Overtime for staff.

Not to mention the toll it was taking on us just to keep up the never-ending grind … because the MINUTE you stop doing seminars … revenue comes to a screeching halt …

That’s what this guy is anxious about … he really does not want to go back to that lifestyle … working so hard for so little …

That life doesn’t look anything at all like the one he imagined when he started law school … when he graduated with honors … passed the bar … and embarked on what he thought would be a satisfying and rewarding career in a noble profession …

Reduced now to feeling like a carnival barker …

Get your red-hot living trust, right here … step right up, ma’am, a free chicken dinner with every trust and a bottle of wine with every will …

Here’s the bottom line: if you go back to the seminar circuit now, you’ll never get the freedom, the joy or the reward of scaling properly to a seven-figure law firm.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

While most estate planning and elder lawyers are dragging themselves back onto the seminar circuit, a small handful of smart lawyers are quietly building seven-figure incomes without ever hosting a single event … without giving up even one more evening with their family to talk about living trusts with a roomful of strangers.

They are working with clients they love. Clients who need and want their service … and who pay premium fees to work with them.

And they’re doing all of this while enjoying life … and without blowing up their overhead, hiring more staff … or feeling like a carnival barker.

How are they doing it?

If you watched our webinar, Five Steps to Seven Figures in Estate Planning and Elder Law, you already know the strategy.

Now, it’s up to you.

The only difference between you and our clients who are loving their law firms, loving their lives, and building legacies of personal wealth … is a phone call.

Book your strategy call with my team today.

You can get off the treadmill and have the law firm you always wanted. Just make the call.

P.S. Remember to join our Free Facebook Group, The  Art of Growing a Law Firm

Are You Making a $12M Mistake In Your Estate Planning Law Firm?

If you’re telling yourself that “it’s best” to stay small …

Or that you’re here to “serve,” not make a lot of money …

Throwing Money AwayRead on because I need you to know what’s at stake here.

I want to be very clear about the high cost of settling for … less.

Less money. Less impact. Less satisfaction. Less happiness.

And not just less for you … but less for your clients … less for your family … less for your legacy.

You work daily with clients who built generational wealth … helping them protect a legacy for their kids, grandkids and future generations.

A legacy of having a leg-up in the world …

A better education … without the burden of student loans …

A broader experience … and deeper understanding …

More freedom … to pursue their dreams …

Over the course of your earning years, if you don’t start NOW growing revenue at a sustainable and profitable rate … you could be cheating yourself and your family out of $12.5 MILLION … or more!

It’s simple math.

In my latest training, I show exactly how estate planning and elder lawyers fall into this trap …

And I give a step-by-step game plan to get out!

Stop settling.

Don’t make a $12M mistake.

Watch now. 

Five Mistakes That Keep Estate Planning Lawyers Broke

You never meant to take a vow of poverty when you opened your estate planning or elder law practice … but sometimes it just feels that way, right? The truth is that most lawyers in estate planning and elder law struggle to create personal wealth … and the irony is that the very people who work every day to help other families preserve and protect generational wealth, seldom do the same for their own families!

Here are the top five mistakes we see lawyers make that prevent them from building personal and generational wealth.

Introducing the Essential Social Solution: Solving Social Media for Your Law Firm

COVID-19 changed everything, for everyone, everywhere. 

For many in our industry, COVID decimated law firms and left many scrambling to find clients.  They were no longer able to use the tried and true methods that worked in the past.  

How do you host dinners when restaurants are closed?  

How do you help elderly clients that risk literal life and death if they leave their homes?

The fact is, you can’t.  

You can’t help your clients if you can no longer reach them. If you’ve worked with us before, then you already have an idea of how powerful digital marketing can be for your practice. 

But the times have changed dramatically. 

You can no longer afford to rely on a personal networking and live events.  

You need to focus a lot more of your efforts in social media, because the fact remains that your next client is most certainly on Facebook right now. 
Senior Citizen using social media
Seniors are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and are up more than 40%.  

They are also the most likely to refer new clients to you if they like you, but you must have a proven and targeted strategy to reach them that doesn’t take up all of your valuable time. 

That’s why we have introduced the Essential Social Solution.  

The Essential Social Solution provides social media management, SEO and lead flow for you and your business.  

You don’t have to spend hours a day on Facebook or spend non-billable hours creating and posting content that may, or may not reach the right client.  

Instead, the Essential Social Solution utilizes proven strategies that can maximize your return and continue growing your business.  Depending on who you ask 2020 was either their best year, or their worst.  

You can make 2021 your best year with the right strategy for growth.  

Download the flyer HERE to learn more. 

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