Five Steps to Scale Your Law Firm to Seven Figures... or More

How to Get Off the Revenue Roller Coaster and Get More of the Best New Clients Right Now


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Most Attorney Websites Fail

It’s not enough just to build a beautiful website. You need someone to walk you through the entire process of becoming a digital-first law firm, and coach you through the challenges that keep most lawyers stuck.

The sad fact is that most agencies just don’t care… and they don’t have proven systems that work. They focus on technologies, not strategies. They build a website and leave you to figure out what’s next.
Becoming a digital first law firm is no easy task. That is why you probably haven’t had success to this point. There is no such thing as a magic wand, but what we provide is pretty close. Watch our training to see for yourself.

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You're an Estate Planning or Elder Lawyer.
A Counsellor. A Trusted Advisor.

The success and growth of your estate planning or elder law firm depends on getting new clients. Your quality of life depends on how you get those clients … You don’t just need MORE clients, you need the RIGHT clients!

Clients who trust your counsel, who look to you to solve some of life’s biggest problems … not sell them a stack of documents. You need clients who value a relationship with their lawyer, who can and will pay premium fees,  and are ready to take action … NOW.

Where We Come In

We help you get more of the best estate planning clients … even if you’re just DONE doing live workshops or taking financial professionals out to lunch.  Great marketing … and great coaching … can transform your law practice … and finally put YOU in control of your revenue, lead flow and financial success!

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Five Steps to Scale Your Law Firm to Seven Figures or More

Watch Our Training

The IMS Distinction

We help estate planning and elder lawyers get more of the best clients … without hosting workshops or pandering to financial advisors. We do this with cutting-edge technology and game-changing coaching in sales, marketing and success mindset. From websites designed to convert, to SEO that gets the right people to your site, social media, video, and advertising we put you in control of your revenue … giving you literally Revenue on Command.

The IMS Distinction?

Together with you and your team we deliver extraordinary transformation … Because it’s not about who has the prettiest website … or even who ranks #1 on a Google search.

It’s about getting everything right and delivering the outcome: more estate planning clients … more of the best clients … more freedom and financial security … NOW.


Watch our training where Jennifer shares the exact process our clients use to scale their estate planning and elder law firms  to seven figures … and more … without hiring more staff or getting eaten alive with runaway expenses!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Who is a Great Fit to Work with Integrity Marketing Solutions?

IMS VP of Sales James Campbell

Thought-leaders in estate planning and elder law. Counsellors. Trusted Advisers.

You must be coach-able, decisive and committed.

You must be serious about a digital-first strategy to grow your law firm to six or seven figures…and beyond…while enjoying your life, being present for those who depend on you, and making a real contribution to a better world.

If that’s you, then click below and check out our latest training where we reveal the step-by-step strategies we use to help our clients build the life and law firm of their dreams.

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