The Webinar Marketing Boot Camp
March 16, 2022

How to Succeed at Webinar Marketing
Even If Your Budget is Tight

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About the Virtual Boot Camp

Webinar marketing has taken the estate planning and elder law world by storm! If your firm is not crushing it with webinars, then this BOOT CAMP is for you.

In this one-day, online event you’ll learn:

  • Why every estate planning and elder law firm needs webinar marketing.
  • How to build a webinar marketing campaign, soup-to-nuts.
  • How to promote your webinar and drive traffic into your funnel, even if your budget is tight now.
  • How to get webinar attendees to schedule a meeting.
  • How to convert webinar leads into your BEST, high-paying clients.
  • The entire virtual event is hosted on Zoom. Attend right from your desk or laptop — anywhere you have a good internet connection!
  • Interact with other attendees in the lobby, visit with our sponsors in the exhibit hall, and ask questions in any session.
  • Crushing it with your webinar now, but know you could be doing even better!
  • Tried webinar marketing, with ho-hum (or no) results. Need a strategy to make it work for you!
  • Ready to try webinar marketing and want to do it right!
  • Team member tasked with making webinar marketing work for your firm.
  • Jennifer Goddard, MBA
    CEO, Integrity Marketing Solutions
  • James Campbell, Sales Director
    Sales Mastery Coach
  • Michael Campbell, Video Production Specialist
  • IMS Team Experts in social media marketing, paid social, and marketing automation

Agenda (MDT)


Webinar marketing is the single most powerful tool you have to leverage your time and your budget, to reach your ideal clients, and scale your law firm to seven figures … or more … in a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable way.

Track 1: Webinar Marketing

Learn the different types of funnels we utilize to drive leads. Get a high level look on how these funnels are made, the differences between them and how you go about setting them up. We’ll discuss paid advertising vs organic (free), various budget concerns and how to optimize your lead flow.

Your webinar is the most important piece of your webinar marketing funnel. Learn how to create a compelling webinar that keeps your audience engaged and gets them to schedule with you.

Get a simple formula and templates to write compelling copy for your ads, registration page and emails … and learn how to automate your follow-up email sequence to close more business.

Whether your paid advertising is crushing it now, but you’d love more leads for less money … or your budget is tight and you need to get more leads without a paid advertising budget … this session is for you. We’ll show you the best ways to leverage your webinar and attract your ideal clients for ZERO DOLLARS … and a few tricks to get highly effective advertising on the cheap.

Track 2: Paid Social

Understand Facebook’s Business Manager, how to create an ad account and create and place your Facebook pixel. Learn how to set up a webinar ad campaign — from targeting your ideal clients to setting a budget and managing ad denials.

Understanding Facebook ad stats, diagnosing and troubleshooting your funnel, optimizing your funnel performance.

Track 3: Video Technology

Recording your webinar can be tricky if you are not familiar with some of the media tools out there. We will walk you through some of your options and show you how to get a good quality webinar recording.

Track 4: High Ticket Sales 

In this lesson, you will learn exactly how to handle your booked calls to convert attendees into new clients at premium fees. First, we’ll talk about scheduling, training and the mindset — or Frame — that it takes to do this successfully, then we’ll get into a step-by-step structure of the TRUST Selling System.

Bring your questions about the high to command premium fees with the TRUST Selling System.

James covers one of the biggest — and most frustrating — objections attorneys face: “I need to think about it.” He gives background on WHY so many consumers use this objection as a buyer defense mechanism and walks you through HOW to move them past it.

Wrap Up

Break-out session with our entire IMS team to answer your questions and help you get started on growing your practice with webinar marketing.


Virtual – Powered by Zoom!

Time: 9 am to 4 pm, mountain time

Date:  Wednesday, March 16

Location: You choose!

Attend from your desktop or grab your laptop and log in from your boat … anywhere you have a strong internet connection.

For the best experience,  have your web camera and microphone ON. 

Don’t forget to also register any staff members that assist with digital marketing, sales or client intake. 

Registration prices are per attendee.

NOTE: Tickets are unique to you and cannot be transferred. You MUST register using your Zoom account email, or you will be directed to create a free Zoom account. The entire event is hosted on the Zoom platform, so you will log into your Zoom account to attend.

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