How We Help You Get More Clients

And Scale Your Law Firm to Seven Figures … and More

We bring together strategic thinking, cutting edge technology and transformational coaching and training to fuel growth and create a modern legal practice that can profitably scale to seven figures … and more … without staffing up, working harder, or stressing out. 

Wherever you are right now, there’s a legal marketing strategy to get you to the next level … working with clients you love … and without pandering to financial advisors or running yourself ragged with a relentless schedule of live workshops.

All of This is Possible Because of the Team We've Put Together

With more than 25 years of legal marketing experience exclusively with estate planning and elder law attorneys … if you have a challenge in your law firm, we’ve seen it … and we know how to overcome it!

We attract the best clients … to work with the best team. Not just web designers (but ours are amazing!), but specialists in law firm strategy, sales, staffing, and every aspect of digital legal marketing … from websites designed to convert, email marketing and automation, local search engine optimization, and social media … to video marketing, click funnels, LinkedIn networking, and pay-per-click advertising … when you work with IMS, you’re working with an extraordinary team of experts.

And the secret sauce? Transformational coaching and training for you and your staff put you ahead of the market.

What's Your Goal Today?

Transition to Estate Planning

Just Getting Started?

Whether you’re a new attorney, opening a new office, or new to estate planning or elder law your biggest needs right now are to get a legal marketing strategy in place, identify your brand and relevant messages, establish a market presence, drive new business, and connect with an experience coach to help navigate change.

Scale Your Law Firm

Ready to Scale?

Things are going pretty well, but you’re working too much and profiting too little?  This is GREAT news because we specialize in helping lawyers grow revenue at scale! Your biggest needs are focusing in your strengths, establishing profitable lead flow systems and closing  more business at higher fees.

Transition to Digital

Transitioning to Digital?

You built your practice networking with allied professionals for referrals … or hosting live workshops … and never really put much into or got much out of digital legal marketing. You need great digital technology, lead flow systems, and coaching in sales and marketing to succeed in this new digital world.

Digital Marketing Success

More of a Good Thing!

You’ve had some success with online marketing and now you’re a true believer … it’s time to scale up your digital efforts and rock on! Your biggest needs are to get systems dialed-in to drive leads, get more value from social media, and master the sales process for yourself and your staff!

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Ready to Get Started?

Book Your Strategy Call Now

During this free strategy call,  we will get on Zoom together for about 45 minutes. We’ll get to know each other, and find out where you are now, your biggest challenges and your greatest goals for your law firm. Then we will show you exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The call is free, but it’s not for anyone. Book a call only if you’re committed to growing your law firm now … without working harder or watching your profits disappear to exploding overhead.

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