Kyle Krull is a Pioneer in digital legal marketing.
Here is how digital changed his life and his practice.

Kyle and Jennifer first met in the spring of 1995, when Kyle was speaking at a Living Trust seminar hosted by an insurance salesman … some 90 miles from his Kansas City law offices. Those seminars, and the referrals from insurance and financial advisors, were his bread-and-butter.

But two things really bothered him about the strategy.

First, the financial advisors sometimes tried to control the attorney-client relationship: recommending legal planning and even low-balling Kyle’s fees.

Nothing about that situation felt right.

Second, over time, the costs went up and the returns went down. Jennifer and Kyle started tracking all of their costs – not just the hard costs, but the soft ones, too. Like the hours they spent promoting, coordinating and traveling for each workshop … not to mention the toll seminar marketing was taking on their quality of life and the emotional costs for their families.

There had to be a better way. Kyle was among the first to commit to growing his estate planning law firm primarily through digital marketing.

Online marketing was the most efficient way to reach consumers and build a steady stream of qualified prospects, without relying on financial advisors or seminar marketing.

“I really quit going out and actively quit schmoozing with financial advisors,” he says. “Consequently, I was home for my daughters’ formative years and we strategically merged the law practice into our qualify of life lifestyle.”

More than half of Kyle’s new business scheduled for 2019 will come directly from his online marketing. The remainder comes from a mix of client referrals, personal networking and long-established referral relationships. None of it comes from retail seminar marketing or from actively pandering to financial advisors.

Over the past four years, he’s had nearly 1,500 requests submitted through his website and approximately 100,000 unique visitors. Since implementing the online client intake process (CLIP®) last year, more than 200 website visitors have used the system to become new clients.

Wonder how clients like his online intake process?

They love it! As of this writing, Kyle’s law firm has 507 five-star online reviews!

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