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The Private Strategic Planning Retreat

If you thought Strategy Planning was boring, outdated, or a waste of time -- think again! Lawyers from around the country are discovering renewed energy and more powerful marketing after attending one of our Strategy Planning Retreats.

But don't take our word for it. Watch the video and hear how your colleague, Vinnie Bonazzoli, describes his experience.

Trying to succeed in the business of law without a sound strategy is a lot like trying to drive in rush-hour traffic wearing a blindfold. If you want to direct your law firm to business success, you need an effective business strategy.

Our strategic planning retreats give you the insight and guidance you need to thoroughly understand and create a winning business strategy for your firm.

Have you had enough of playing copycat with your law firm strategy?

CEO Jennifer Goddard conducts private firm retreats at Legacy Ranch where you can work through guided strategic planning sessions, team building and leadership training to establish the proper culture in your firm and set the course for success.

Private retreats can be scheduled for one, two or three-day time slots, depending upon your firm’s needs and goals. We start with a telephone consultation to help identify issues and determine the timeframe and structure that will work best for your situation.

Common issues addressed in strategic planning retreats:

  • Strategic Activity Mapping to ensure strategic fit across all your firm activities.
  • Identifying your firm’s Unique Value Proposition.
  • Creating a vision for Big, Hairy Audacious Goals and designing a strategy to achieve them.
  • Mapping out a Strategy Canvas to identify unique consumer value points and discover a Blue Ocean Strategy for your law firm.
  • Exploring and developing your compelling brand story, in alignment with your strategy and
  • Developing a comprehensive brand marketing plan.

Your strategic planning retreat starts with a phone call.

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