Essentials V

Are you convinced that to stand out you have to do something drastically different? Are you convinced video holds the most powerful potential to showcase that difference? Yeah, we are too. Essentials V is a completely custom program leveraging all the best of technology, automation, social advertising, and advanced Local Search SEO. With the advantage of video in all aspects this is the program for those who don’t just raise the bar ... they are the bar.

This program begins with a firm retreat at Legacy Ranch where we discover your unique value proposition. Essentials V clients leave their retreat with a custom 12 month marketing plan, compelling Brand Story Video script / shot plan and a new trajectory for their business. The Brand Story theme will be consistent throughout all media marketing.

*Program includes 3 day firm retreat followed by 2 day on-location video shoot at your office

**Drone footage and 1080p HD included

Essentials V includes everything in Essentials 2.1, Plus the following:

• Private Firm Retreat at Legacy Ranch

• Brand Story Video Production

• 12 Month Marketing Plan

• IMS Local Search

• Facebook Video Ad Campaign