Your Brand Story video is your best opportunity to connect on an emotional level with every website visitor - prospect, client, referral source or friend. This is your opportunity to captivate your audience and trigger an emotional response OR you can bore them into an purely intellectual decision. Let’s face it, we do business with people we know, like and trust. Would you retain an attorney you didn’t like to handle your highly personal estate planning? Probably not. You might hire an aggressive pit bull of an attorney for a litigation battle, but chances are the attorney who you want to discuss your will, family dynamics and legacy, will be someone you personally like.

Prospects and clients are generally busy people, just like you. If they are seeking an estate planning attorney online, they don’t have an unlimited amount of time to visit an endless series of websites. They may target a small group of attorneys in the area and then narrow it down from there. Who will win their business?

Your Brand Story video should grab web visitors’ attention and keep them engaged. Through video, they can see who you are physically, hear in your voice and discover the real life person who they will be meeting with to discuss highly personal matters. It’s not a beauty contest, but it is a way to get to know you discover what makes you truly unique. If all goes well they will even feel an emotional connection to you.

The goal of the Brand Story video is to foster a personal connection with website visitors. Your video helps them overcome the anxiety of telling a stranger all of their family issues or illnesses or any other personal matter.

Your Brand Story video will be top notch. Professionally scripted, shot and edited for a truly cinematic expression you can be proud of. The end result will be an honest representation of your story and your law firms values. The Brand Story process includes everything you would expect from a professional is video shoot. The majority of which is provided in house at Legacy Ranch in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Strategic Planning to uncover your unique story
  • Script Development
  • Studio Recording
  • On location at your office (optional but recommended)
  • Drone Footage | Slider System | Lights | Audio
  • Full HD or 4K Quality
  • Client Owned Final Content
  • Full Integration Into Online Marketing (CRM, Website, Social Media, E-mail Campaigns)
  • Full Statistical Reporting
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Frank Campbell

“Simply stated, Integrity has provided my law firm with great results. Beyond that, they have been wonderful to work with. Good people that say what they do, and do what they say. Their customer service is top notch.”


“We are absolutely thrilled that not only do we have a website that is probably one of the best websites I have ever seen, but we have a message that we now can use in our marketing. I can’t thank you guys enough. This is something we’ve been wanting for years.”



Mike Mastry

“I always give credit to my IMS team for bringing my story together in a way that is unique, professional, and a source of pride for the entire Mastry Family. Thanks again for doing such a great job.”

Note: Relax, this process is fun. There is no pressure. Just be yourself. For a
laugh here is one of our favorite outtakes. Make sure your sound is up for this one.