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Lawyer Video Marketing

Contacting a lawyer can be intimidating for many of us … including your website visitors. It’s probably the number one reason most website visitors click to the Contact Us page, and then click away.

Lawyer video can help prospects feel less intimidated and more inclined to contact you for the help they need. Website videos can help your visitors better understand their own needs, feel more comfortable about contacting you, and show them what to expect when they do. Which is why lawyer videos can boost website conversion rates by as much as 85 percent.

Which means more people get the legal help they need. And you get more business from your website.

Optimized law firm video also boost your website’s search engine rank and help you attract more visitors.

The video team here at Integrity Marketing Solutions handles all aspects of lawyer video marketing for our clients, from strategy planning to website publishing and marketing distribution.

  • Video Marketing Strategy – great video doesn’t just stand alone, it’s strategically developed and deployed to enhance every aspect of your law firm marketing. Learn more about video marketing strategy and download our free strategy workbook.
  • Pre-production & Script Writing – We prepare everything for your video shoot, from brand story-telling to practice area and what-to-do-next videos.
  • Production – Video shoot direction, filming in HD, sound, and lighting. Not everyone needs or wants one, but we do have a teleprompter available if it makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Post-production & Editing – Editing is one of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of video marketing success. Our talented video editors can bring in animations to help illustrate key points, add music, image filtering (works great to soften facial lines!), and make sure your videos are polished with professional image you want for your law firm.
  • Video SEO – Video SEO helps attract visitors to your website, and can get your firm high visibility on Google and YouTube. Optimization is both an art and science, and our legal marketing experts know how to get your videos traction online.
  • Video Marketing – There’s more to lawyer video marketing than SEO and a few website embeds. That’s a fairly passive, old-school approach to lawyer video. With your Essential Solution marketing system in place, you can distribute video strategically across social media, blog posts and even email marketing. And with the E2 CRM integration, you’ll know exactly how effective your videos are in attractive and closing new business.

The Video Marketing Enhancement Package

Video Marketing is taking the internet by storm as business owners understand the need to connect with prospects on a more personal level, with stories and compelling messages that resonate and draw people in. Second only to powerhouse Google, video content site YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. Users perform over 3 billion searches a month on YouTube alone. Plus, YouTube is owned by Google, so your organic search exposure is increased substantially by video content results. Just think of the power your video marketing could have in online search!

Incorporating Video Marketing into your Essential Solution marketing system can take your law firm marketing to new heights with higher engagement rates, higher email clickthrough rates and higher conversion rates. Video is the next best thing to face-to-face interaction with your prospective clients, offering hospitality to visitors as you guide them through your website, establishing trust and building your brand.

Your Custom Brand Story Welcome Video: Through our strategic planning process and interactive activities we get the creative juices flowing. From script development to story-boarding, shooting and production. We will create a video experience that tells your brand story and moves visitors to conversions.

Meet The Attorney: Did you know that after your Home page your Bio page is the most visited page of your website. Are you simply posting your CV as your bio? Don't miss a huge opportunity to build rapport with your website visitors. We will help you communicate your message that will tell a story and keep viewers interest.

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