Essential Training & Support

Essential Attorneys enjoy extraordinary service. From Personal Account Management to ensure a smooth launch of your Essential Solution, to ongoing training and monthly Marketing Performance Tracking and Reports ... we are here to support you!

  • Personal Account Manager

    Personal Account Manager

    Your Personal Account Manager not only shepherds your marketing project through the process from design to implementation, but also works closely with you as a personal marketing coach and consultant. While your project is in development, your Personal Account Manager will meet with you by phone weekly to ensure the timely completion and successful launch of your Essential Solution. Together you evaluate each aspect, consider any modifications, and look for ways to maximize your marketing results. Your Personal Account Manager is your go-to person for marketing education and training.

  • Social Media Setup and Integration

    Social Media Setup and Integration

    Social Media is an essential aspect of successful law firm marketing. Social networking sites are integral platforms for showcasing your practice and executing your marketing plan. We will set up new or integrate existing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages for your law firm.

  • Performance Tracking and Reports

    Performance Tracking and Reports

    We track every vital aspect of your Essential Solution, including unique website visits, Google ranking for your key search terms, most visited website pages, how often you blog, and even which sources drive the most traffic to your website. We also give you online access to your marketing metrics so you can review the results.

  • Webinars

    IMS Webinars

    The Integrity Marketing staff holds exclusive webinar training sessions to help maximize your law firm marketing efforts on important attorney marketing topics such as search engine ranking, blogging, social media, video, Google AdWords and more. Each session is recorded so you can view the webinar at a later date or share with your own team members.

  • Strategic Planning Retreat

    Strategic Planning Retreat

    Have you had enough of playing copy cat with your law firm strategy? Trying to emulate someone else’s strategy is seldom effective, and a red flag that your firm may be adrift. CEO Jennifer Goddard conducts private firm retreats here in our on-site Learning Center where you can work through guided strategic planning sessions, team building and leadership training to establish the proper culture in your firm and set the course for success. Also, work with the IMS team to develop and tell your compelling brand story.

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