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Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Did you know that 37 percent of all traffic in the legal category is paid search? If you’re not using paid search, you are most definitely missing out on qualified traffic – statistically, almost 40 percent! Not to mention the fact that visitors who arrive at your website by clicking on your paid ad are 35 percent more likely to become new clients. A paid search campaign can boost click-throughs on your organic listings by almost 90 percent!

So, how does your Essential Solution marketing system go from Good to Great? By accelerating your good results - generating more leads, more phone calls and more inquiries faster with Google AdWords.

Our Essential Clients have a terrific competitive advantage in the AdWords game: their websites rank high in organic (non-paid) Google search, they have compelling content and professional design, and their social media and blogging is already in place. Integrating Google AdWords can open the floodgates, getting you more results, faster.

Unlike our competitors, when we implement your AdWords campaign, we fully leverage the great marketing resources you already have. Your targeted landing pages are integrated with your website, constantly driving more traffic and boosting your SEO.

Your AdWords campaign will include account and technical set up, all creative services such as campaign design, ad copywriting and landing pages, plus tracking, reporting and personal consulting.