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Essential Enhancements are advanced marketing solutions available exclusively to Essential Clients to ensure they always have a competitive edge in the marketplace. What’s unique about Essential Enhancements?

  1. Integrated. Each service is designed to build upon and enhance your Essential Solution marketing system.
  2. Powerful. These are powerful, advanced marketing strategies. Proceed only if you are ready to make an advanced commitment to your practice marketing and success!
  3. Cutting Edge. We are vigilant in our research of marketing technology and pledge to stay ahead of the curve. Essential Enhancements are cutting-edge legal marketing strategies and tactics. We work hard to keep your marketing fresh, vibrant and ahead of the pack!
  • Did you know that 37 percent of all traffic in the legal category is paid search? If you’re not using paid search, you are most definitely missing out on qualified traffic! Visitors who arrive at your website by clicking on your paid ad are 35 percent more likely to become new clients. A paid search campaign can boost click-throughs on your organic listings by almost 90 percent!

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  • Video Marketing is taking the internet by storm as business owners understand the need to connect with prospects on a more personal level, with stories and compelling messages that resonate and draw people in. Second only to powerhouse Google, video content site YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world.

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  • A strong, integrated CRM platform enables your practice to store, manage, and utilize valuable data about your contacts. Track each interaction at every client touch point to trigger automation, analysis, and, most importantly, conversion!

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  • Our talented staff of designers can create custom publications that fit your brand and your marketing goals. From newsletters to unique workshops, we can create integrated collateral marketing tools to extend your campaigns and expand your presence in the marketplace.

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  • Your Integrity Marketing design team is the best in the business. Whether you need a complete brand overhaul, an updated logo, or a new firm brochure, we can extend and build your law firm branding to ensure a cohesive professional image and tell your brand story.

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